Gelato Menu


(Gomma Americana) For the young and the young-at-heart alike, this is a bubble gum gelato with a soft blue hue.

(Banana e Caramello) Tastes just like a frozen banana smoothie with a luscious swirl of toffee sauce folded through.

(Frutta di Bosco) A creamy vanilla gelato with thick ribbons of rich boysenberry swirl throughout.

(Cioccolato) Made with premium Belgian cocoa for a delicate bittersweet taste, our chocolate gelato is guaranteed to satisfy the chocolate lover in us all.

Chocolate Chip
(Stracciatella) Also known as Chocolate Flake, this is a creamy vanilla gelato full of flakes of dark Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate Hazelnut
(Gianduia) An Italian favourite, we blend pure Nutella through our creamy gelato to create a satisfyingly sweet sensation!

Cookies & Cream
(Biscotto e Crema) Satisfy your inner child with generous chunks of original Oreo biscuits crumbled through creamy vanilla gelato – it’s milk and cookies for grown-up tastebuds.

(Caffè) A frozen version of Australia’s favourite morning pick-me-up: the flat white! Made with locally roasted Campos Coffee.

(Rocher) A decadent choc hazelnut gelato filled with crushed and toasted hazelnuts.

Golden Biscuit
(Biscotto d’Oro) A butterscotch flavoured gelato with an overload of Golden Gaytime biscuit pieces folded through.

(Nocciola) Made with slow-roasted Italian hazelnuts ground into a rich paste, this sumptuous, full-flavoured gelato will linger on your mind but definitely won’t linger on your spoon.

Macadamia & White Chocolate
(Macadamia e Cioccolato Bianco) Full of freshly toasted Queensland macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips folded through a creamy vanilla gelato.

Matcha Green Tea
(Tè Matcha) A perfect balance between sweet and a hint of bitter, this gelato is made with premium Japanese Matcha green tea powder.

Mint Chocolate
(Menta e Cioccolata) A crisp and refreshing gelato with a cool natural mint flavour with flakes of chocolate throughout. Sharp yet creamy.

Mocha Chip
(Stracciatella di Caffè) With slow-brewed Italian espresso and rich flakes of dark Belgian chocolate, this full-bodied gelato will delight the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Old English Toffee
(Caramello Croccante) An iconic Kiwi classic also known as Hokey Pokey (or Butterscotch for those born this side of the Tasman); this is a creamy vanilla gelato studded with sweet, caramel-y pieces of toffee.

(Pandano) Known as the Vanilla of the East, this bright green gelato is a South-East Asian favourite.

(Pannacotta) This is a creamy caramel gelato with a luscious swirl of caramel sauce throughout.

Peanut Butter
(Burro d’Arachidi) A smooth and irresistible experience in every delicious mouthful.

(Pistacchio) Containing Italian pistachio paste, this soft, light green flavour is synonymous with Italian cuisine.

Rum & Raisin
(Málaga) Plump and juicy sultanas folded through a continental rum gelato.

Sea Salt Caramel
(Caramello al Sale Marino) This decadently distinct gelato blends luscious swirls of sea salt caramel into a rich & creamy gelato.

Sicilian Cassata
(Cassata Siciliana) This is a creamy milky gelato with old school, Neapolitan glace fruit and crushed Sicilian almond praline folded through. Delizia’s award winning signature flavour!

(Crema di Fragola) A soft pink delight bursting with the flavour of a creamy strawberry milkshake.

(Taro) A dark purple, sweet potato gelato with a light, nutty flavour.

(Tiramisù) Our tribute to the famous Italian dessert with luscious swirls of cocoa, espresso and sweet Marsala wine. The perfect ‘pick me up’ on a spoon!

Toasted Coconut
(Cocco Tostato) Fragrant flakes of toasted coconut tossed through creamy gelato for a light, delicate flavour that delightfully lingers on your palate.

Turkish Delight
(Delizia della Turchia) An exotic rose-pink, rose-scented gelato. The perfect flavour to make a Faloodeh or Falooda.

Vanilla Bean
(Vaniglia) Who says vanilla must be plain? We fold real organic vanilla bean into a silken gelato for a delicious, aromatic treat. It’s proof that vanilla really is an aphrodisiac – one taste and you’ll fall in love.

White Chocolate
(Stracciatella Bianca) Fior di Latte gelato filled with flakes of white chocolate.


Blood Orange
(Tarocco / Arancia Rossa) The perfect citrusy balance of sweet, tart and refreshing.

(Cioccolato Fondente) A light and refreshing 97% fat free sorbet. A vegan and dairy-free chocoholic heaven.

(Cocco) A tropical oasis of flavour with the cool taste of creamy coconut milk. Vegan paradise on a spoon!

Granny Smith Apple
(Mela Verde) Very fruity with a mild tang. Extremely refreshing.

(Limone) An Italian classic with a twist of fresh lemon juice for a smooth, refreshing taste.

(Mango) Bursting with ripe, succulent North Queensland mangoes, this sorbet captures the flavour of Australian summer at its best.

(Maracujà) Made with locally grown fruit, this sorbet is jam packed with tropical flavour.

(Lampone) A creamy and colourful sorbet made with high quality pulp that is bursting with the flavour of freshly picked raspberries.

(Fragolina) This classic, all-time favourite has the fresh, fruity taste of juicy, ripe strawberries.

(Anguria) The sweet refreshing taste of summer without the sticky mess and annoying pips.


Vegan Chocolate Gelato
This intense dark chocolate gelato is a chocoholics dream.

Vegan Vanilla Gelato
A dairy-free and gluten-free, coconut-milk based gelato filled with specks of organic vanilla beans.

Vegan Hazelnut Gelato
A sweet and nutty rice-milk based gelato with an intense hit of roasted hazelnuts.